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The Advanced Client tool provides all the client/server testing capabilities from the Hammer test tool (part of v3.9 of the 61850 Test Suite).  There is full support for testing client/server communications and viewing IED data models. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to test MMS services like reports, logs, controls, reads, and controls. And the entire IED data model is shown to allow troubleshooting and testing specific capabilities of an IED.


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Easy to Use Interface

The user interface for the Advanced Client makes it easy to test IEDs:

  • Switch between any IED connection quickly
  • The full data model is shown for the selected IED
  • Testing options are shown in the ribbon bar based on what part of the data model is selected
  • Search, filter, or bookmark objects in the data model



Navigate Data Model

Powerful filtering and searching allows you to easily find the data you need. Other navigation options allow you to locate data, locate data in datasets, and add bookmarks for important parts of the model.



Full Client Capabilities

All client capabilities are supported for testing IEC 61850 services with IEDs.

Learn More

Go to the 61850 Test Suite Pro online help to learn about all the client test capabilities.

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