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After installation, a HOO41 Feature has Expired error appears

The H0041 message occurs because a trial license was used on the PC and it expired more than 90 days ago. After 90 days, the licensing system will deactivate all components of a trial license which can make activating a product key troublesome.

To fix the problem, we have included a small utility call SNReset.exe in the executable directory of all TMW applications. This can typically be found in C:\Program Files\Triangle Microworks\application name. By running this application, the components of the licensing system required to activate a product key will be reactivated.


After installation, the licensing service did not start

The licensing system is controlled by a service that is set to start up automatically. On some machines, this service does not start up successfully after the installation is completed. In this case the service needs to be started manually after which is will run and restart without any additional problems. The error dialog box for this this condition is:

A message indicating that a license could not be found for the application may also be displayed. Another indication that the service is not running is that the ACC cannot be displayed when trying to access
localhost:1947 in a browser.

In order to start the service, click the Windows Start button and type “Services”. Start the Services utility and search for Sentinel LDK License Manager. If the service is not running, right click on the service name and select Start from the menu as shown below:


Runtime Library is Too Old

After installing an application and after applying a new license, an error can occur that says the runtime library is too old. The error message typically looks like this one:

This means that the license TMW provided requires a newer version of the Sentinel runtime environment. This can also happen when a network license is being used, but the PC holding the network license has an older version of the Sentinel runtime than the PC that is trying to acquire the license. To see the version of the runtime that is installed on a PC, open the ACC on a browser by going to localhost:1947. The click on the Diagnostics link on the left side of the page. The runtime package version is listed near the bottom of the page as shown here:


After installation, a H0007 Sentinel Key Not Found error appears

The H0007 message occurs because the licensing service could not be found or accessed. The error is similar to the one described in After installation, the licensing service did not start, above.

Check that the Sentinel LDK License Manager service is running. If this service is running, the problem could be that port 1947 is blocked by a firewall policy. The Sentinel licensing system requires that the application has access to port 1947.


Additional Help

If the above did not resolve your problem, please contact Triangle MicroWorks Support.



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