Network-Based Licensing

Triangle MicroWorks is in the process of updating the licensing for our Protocol Testing Tools and SCADA Data Gateway.  As part of the new licensing, a Network-Based License will be offered that allows licenses to be shared across a network.


The Network-Based License has several important benefits:

  • Licenses can be shared across multiple users and computers.
  • Licenses can also be checked out for remote use without the needing to be connected to the network or physically share a Hardware-Based license.
  • The need for Hardware-Based licenses is greatly reduced.  Our previous USB-Based licenses have presented several issues for our customers including theft, loss, and reliability problems.
  • Virtual Machines can be licensed directly.  There is no need for a USB-Based license which greatly improves license reliability.
  • Setting up a license server is very easy.  See below for more detail on setting up a Network-Based license.


How Network-Based Licensing Works

Network License Graphic

Additional Details

License Server: any computer running a version of the WindowsTM operating system can serve the license including laptops, servers, or virtual machines
One User per Concurrency: a concurrency is one license seat that is shared across the network.  Only one user can use a concurrency at one time.
Multiple License Servers: more than one computer can act as a license server on the network.  However, a product key can only be activated on one computer.
Multiple Product Keys or Applications: one computer can serve multiple licenses that are either for the same application or different applications.
Detached License: a detached license can be set to expire at a certain time or can be re-attached to the license server.  If for some reason the detached license is not checked back in, the license will expire and can be re-used.

Download our Licensing Guide to learn more about the Network-Based License




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