File Services

IEC 61850 provides basic file transfer services: upload, download, delete, and directory. The directory structure is simplified as no assumptions about the underlying platform or file system are assumed. 

Test Suite Pro provides the ability to test the four basic file services offered by IEC 61850: 

  • Directory Listing – Ability for a Client to retrieve a directory listing of files on a Server.
  • File Delete – Ability for a Client to delete a file residing on the Server
  • File Upload – Ability for a Client to upload (or copy) a file to a Server.
  • File Download – Ability for a Client to download (or retrieve) a file from a Server.

Client File Services

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Test Suite Pro can view and navigate the server's file system using IEC 61850 File Services. 

In addition, Test Suite Pro can utilize the following file services:
  • Download Service: The selected file can be downloaded and saved to the local disk
  • Delete Service: The file will be permanently deleted from the server
  • Upload Service: The selected file will be uploaded from the local file system to the server

Example of File Services Directory
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IED Simulator File Services

Test Suite Pro Server has a complete implementation of all File Services by default. Specific configuration of File Services is available via the editing/creating of workspaces. On each specific IED a File Services Root directory can be configured along with flags indicating if the particular File Services should be available when initiated by a Client. 
Server File Services Configuration

Server File Services Configuration
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