Utility Communication Protocol User Groups and Maillists:

  • DNP Users Group - A forum for supporters of the Distributed Network Protocol.
  • UCA International Users Group - User communities for IEC 61850, IEC 60870-6 (ICCP/TASE.2), CIM, and OpenAMI.
  • IEC 60870-5 Maillist - This is a non-commercial maillist that welcomes anyone with an interest in IEC 60870-5 implementation issues. The objective of this maillist is to create a place implementers and users of IEC 60870-5 can discuss different interpretations of the specifications in an effort to establish a consensus opinion on each topic. This maillist is sponsored by Triangle MicroWorks, but discussion on this maillist does not center around Triangle MicroWorks' Products.
  • OPC Foundation. OPC is a set of standards that specify communication of real-time data between control devices from different manufacturers.
  • SCADA Mailing List - A mail list to support and benefit the broader SCADA Community.
  • IEC TC 57 WG 3 - Technical Committee 57 Working Group 03 (Telecontrol Protocols)

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