Automate SCADA Testing of your Gateway, Data Concentrator, or RTAC
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 1PM to 2PM EST


Most protocol mapping tests for gateways are performed manually. Each point is tested, one by one, to ensure data is mapped correctly from each device across the system. This manual process is:
- Time Consuming
- Error Prone
- Repetitive


Automatically test protocol and data type mapping in a gateway and document results with the Distributed Test Manager (DTM). This is accomplished by simulating changes in the downstream IEDs and verifying they are received upstream in the SCADA Master. The following benefits will be achieved:
- Saves Time
- Saves Money
- More Reliable
- Perform testing earlier by not waiting for the final system to be installed and configured

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to simulate IEC 61850 & DNP3 network traffic to test point mapping within your data concentrator
  • Walk thru an example of testing our SCADA Data Gateway using Distributed Test Manager (DTM) simulating multiple downstream IEC 61850 IEDs and an upstream DNP3 SCADA Master.
  • Learn how a script running in DTM automates the testing of protocol mapping in the Gateway, Data Concentrator or RTAC and documents the results.
  •  Test partial systems by simulating missing physical devices and without purchasing expensive test equipment to generate signal changes.

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Specific knowledge, skills and/or capabilities that attendees should acquire by taking this course:

  • None

Who should attend this course: 

  • Software engineers
  • Software engineering managers
  • Substation Field Technicians
  • Anyone who wants to save time & money when deploying substations


Matt Green  Matthew Green
  SQA Engineer
  Triangle MicroWorks, Inc.



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