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Thursday, April 9, 2020 - 11 AM to 12 NOON EST


With the onset of COVID-19, we are facing new challenges everyday beyond anything we have ever planned for. The utility industry plays a vital role to keep moving forward and ensure our infrastructure can meet the needs of these new & future challenges. As we transition to working remotely, we need the right tools in place to allow us to continue the every day work that keeps the lights on.


Remote testing & simulation can drastically reduce your need for travel, to be onsite, and increase productivity so you can maintain existing/ new project schedules as well as respond quickly to new situations. Remote workforces need tools that are user friendly, work with existing hardware & operating systems (i.e. Windows, laptops, servers), are low cost  & easy set up so they can quickly start using them. The goal of this webinar is to show you how SCADA testing can be done remotely that you would normally do onsite to maintain and commission a substation. You will learn about remote testing strategies & a tool called Distributed Test Manager(DTM) that can be used from a remote set up. It will cover the following protocols: DNP3, Modbus, IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850, and ICCP.

Remote Testing Strategies you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to simulate different types of equipment so the simulated network mimics the actual substation network. 
  • Mix and match multiple protocols within a single simulation, so the simulated network accurately depicts your real network.
  • Review multiple methods of configuring devices, including using your actual devices' SCL files or DNP3 Device Profile, and even CSV files to make configuration as easy as possible.
  • Learn how to create custom displays, single line diagrams, and more so that you can visually monitor your system while it is under test, eliminating the need to spend hours after the test poring over data to figure out what happened during the test.
  • For rigorous testing, demonstrate how to create a variety of data changes so you can see how the system reacts. This can be done easily, using a variety of methods including manual data changes, automatic changes, table driven data events, and scripting.
  • Show you how to define, organize, and execute groups of tests. Tests can be run sequentially or individually, and results can be grouped to easily find ones that have failed.

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Specific knowledge, skills and/or capabilities that attendees should acquire by taking this course:

  • None

Who should attend this course: 

  • Software engineers
  • Software engineering managers
  • Substation Field Technicians
  • Anyone who wants to minimize travel time
  • Anyone who wants to increase productivity while working remote


Matt Green  Matthew Green
  Senior Applications Engineer
  Triangle MicroWorks, Inc.


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