Helinks STS: IEC 61850 System Configuration Tool


Helinks STS is a System Configuration tool for IEC 61850.

HELINKS STS is a tool set for IEC61850-based Substation Automation System Engineering (SAS Engineering). It supports a device-independent top down engineering process according to part 4 and part 6 of the IEC 61850 Standard.

The Helinks STS tool set includes:

  • System Specification Tool
  • System Configuration Tool
  • Various utilities for SCL Handling.

Helinks STS:

  • Supports top down and bottom up engineering processes
  • Focuses on multi-vendor, IED independent engineering
  • Allows you to perform complex engineering tasks with a single click
  • Solve detailed SCL problems with the embedded native SCL Editor
  • Standardized solutions based on libraries give a boost to engineering efficiency and harmonization
  • Implements IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2

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Bay and Function Library

When creating or editing a Single Line Diagram, the built-in bay and function library makes it easy to select the correct bay equipment. Each bay can have different power equipment which can be chosen from the “Power Equipment Library” tab
Helinks Power Equipment Library

Easy Configuration via Bay and Function Libraries

Excel® Import/Export of Signal List

Signal lists can be imported from or exported to Microsoft Excel sheets.
Helinks Export as Excel

Import/Export Point Lists Using Excel

SCL Import/Export

Helinks STS provides an easy means of importing from SCL files.

When an SCL file is selected for import, recognizes the format of the SCL file and allows the user to select appropriate options for the import.

Configuration files can also be exported to SCL files.
Helinks SCL File Import

SCL Import Options

Directly Edit and Validate SCL Files

Helinks STS includes a text-based XML editor to allow direct edits to SCL files. Once edited, Helinks STS can validate the resulting file.
Helinks XML Editor

Helinks STS Text-based XML Editor can be used to modify SCL/SCD/ICD Files

Signal Engineering

The signals tab for a logical node contains the IEC 61850 address of each signal and their status. You can check out the signals for the bay by clicking on the screen or you can see the signals for the whole substation by moving back to the single line diagram and clicking on the substation name.
Helinks Signals Tab

Logical Node Signals Tab

Communication Specification

Communication exchange between IEDs can be specified within HELINKS STS. After implementation, the signals used in the exchange are updated to the ones for the IED's data models. The “Applications” option from the dashboard is used for creating the application section.

In the Applications section, users have the ability to specify peer to peer applications such as GOOSE and SV or client server applications such as MMS reports. After implementating the IEDs in the system, the communication can be configured, and control blocks are created by Helinks STS.
Helinks Publisher Signal Specification

Helinks STS can configure signal communications

Automatic generation of IEC 61850 communication configurations (MMS Reports, GOOSE)

Helinks STS supports easy creation of control blocks for any specified communication application.

You can configure publishing, subscription, or both, and you can choose to configure communication exchange for all IEDs.
Helinks Communication Configuration Settings

Helinks Communication Configuration Settings


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