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Test Suite Pro is a Windows® application with the most comprehensive set of tools on the market today to cover all of your IEC testing & troubleshooting needs in the lab, during the commissioning process, and ongoing maintenance in the Substation. It can be run on a Laptop, or left running on a Lab or Substation Computer ready to visualize your IEC 61850 data, modeling, and communications. Test Suite Pro supports Edition 1, Edition 2 and Edition 2.1 of the IEC 61850 standard.
Test Suite Pro is useful for monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting the following use cases:

  • Utility/System Integrator
    • IEC 61850 Engineering Process - the video “TMW Tools in the IEC 61850 Engineering Process” shows how Test Suite Pro works with our other tools from concept to Substation Maintenance.
    • Virtual Isolation Testing - Publish simulated GOOSE messages to test Protection, Automation, and Control (PAC) functions in a live substation without affecting other functions that are not involved in the test.
    • Deploying or modifying SCADA Systems involving a large number of devices.
    • Individual IED testing and validation.
  • Equipment Developer
    • Testing your new Client or Server implementation of IEC 61850, whether it was developed in-house or using a  Source Code Library.
    • Help prepare for formal conformance testing.

Test Suite Lite is a lower cost, less featured option. Click here for a comparison of features to other 61850 testing tools in the market today.

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Basic Layout and Key Startup Information:

The screenshot below shows the basic layout of Test Suite Pro.

System Status Tools on the left bring any Errors or Warnings found to the Users attention.  The user may acknowledge any Errors or Warnings that are expected for the test conditions so that any new Errors or Warnings are noticed.

Displays on the right are used to visualize the data and are created by dragging Data Objects from the IEC 61850 model shown in the Advanced Client and Data Miner Tools.  

Extensive help is available via tooltips when hovering over column headings or visual elements.  The context sensitive help for a Tool or Display may be accessed by clicking the “?” in each window. The online Help also contains a Quickstart that builds upon a preconfigured workspace to monitor & troubleshoot the example Substation Simulation workspace provided with Distributed Test Manager (DTM). This is an excellent way to learn about IEC 61850 communications and it can all run on a single computer!

KEY FEATURES are outlined below and in the tabs to the left:

Automated Testing with Test Sequencer

This tool allows the user to create a display and build a repeatable set of commands to run against the workspace. Tests are managed through the Test Explorer with provides a view of all Test Plans and Groups in the Workspace. The Test Builder, Commands, Step Details and Execution Log are utilized to create and run tests.

Test Sequencer to set up Automated & Repeatable Testing

Visualize signal flow and timing on the network

The Signal Flow Diagram replaces the old wire connections shown on prints with animated GOOSE signals captured on a timeline that can be replayed one event at a time.  Tool tips on the signal lines show time stamps for the events on that signal.  After visually inspecting test results in Signal Flow, an automated test can be generated for Test Sequencer to easily verify the results during the next test cycle.

Signal Flow Diagram Tool

Visualize Signal Flow and Timing

View timing between signals

With Test Suite Pro's built-in Logic Analyzer tool, you can quickly and easily understand the timing between events.

View Timing Between Signals with Built-in Logic Analyzer

Monitor Missing/Duplicate/Extra GOOSE Streams from the SCL File

Monitoring GOOSE message streams has never been easier! The built-in GOOSE Tracker tool matches streams on the wire with their definitions in the SCL file so  you can quickly and easily monitor for: 

  • Missing/duplicate/extra GOOSE streams from the SCL File
  • Dropped states
  • Missed retransmissions
  • Timeouts
  • Simulated messages
  • Dataset definitions in each GOOSE message match those defined in the SCL file


Goose Tracker

Monitor Missing/Duplicate/Extra GOOSE Streams from the SCL File

Find Out-of-Date SCL Configuration in Devices

System errors due to IEDs with out-of-date configuration files used to require tedious and time consuming comparisons. But not any longer!  The Test Suite Pro Compare Model tool automatically performs a discovery of each IED and compares it to the SCL file, and notifies you of any conflicts.

  • View differences at each level in the model hierarchy
  • Group and Filter by category
Compare IED Models

Find Out-of-Date Configuration in Devices

Troubleshoot Potential SCL File Issues

Finding obscure SCL file errors is a tedious process and can lead to erratic behavior. Test Suite Pro provides an easy, intuitive way to discover the source of these errors. 

The SCL Verify tool can be configured to report only SCL file errors that are known to cause a problem in the target system.

  • Group results by Severity, Test, or Message
  • Select an error to show the corresponding line in the SCL Viewer window
Troubleshoot SCL File Issues

Troubleshoot Potential SCL File Issues

Easily Find and View Data Across the Substation

The Data Miner tool integrated within 61850 Test Suite Pro allows you to:

  • View objects in an intuitive grid with user-selectable columns
  • Easily group, sort, and filter data
  • Quickly view Data Objects for desired use cases with custom or factory-defined presets 
Once you've found the Data Objects of interest, just drag them to one of the five displays below to show the corresponding Data Attribute values.

Find and View Data

Easily Find and View Data Across the Substation

View Data from across the Substation with Custom Displays

A Display selection bar at the bottom of the right hand pane of the Test Suite Pro makes it easy to view data. 

Display Menu

View Data from across the Substation with Custom Displays
(Click image for larger view)

Online Help

Go to the 61850 Test Suite Pro online help to learn more about all the capabilities of 61850 Test Suite Pro.

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