DNP3 Forge

The DNP3 Forge supports the creation and validation of DNP3 XML Device Profile documents.


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What's New

Current Release: v1.4
Release Date:  November 2016

Newest Features in this Release

  • Aded IEC 61850 to DNP3 mapping based on IEEE 1815.1 standard including writing to XML Device Profile
  • Added the ability to save Device Profiles as PDF files
  • Expanded support for creating “current value only” Device Profiles
  • Several improvements for editing Device Profile parameters

Key Additions to Recent Releases

v1.3 - Support for version 2.09 (Nov 2013) and 2.10 (Nov 2014)  Device Profile Specifications

DNP3 Device Profile validation
DNP3 Device Profile Comparison Tool
Added ability to create Binary Configuration Files for use with TMW DNP3 Source Code Library based on content of the device profile
Improved handling of empty/unused device profile sections




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