IEC 61850 Source Code Library

Our IEC 61850 Source Code Library provides a quick and cost effective way to implement an IEC 61850 Server, Client, GOOSE, or Sampled Values.  The library was designed from the ground up to fully support IEC 61850 services and efficiently use resources.  We offer our Library Components in ANSI-C, C++, Java or .NET Components for maximum flexibility across many different applications.  

For almost 30 years, Triangle has provided the diagnostic tools and protocol expertise to our customers to support all their conformance  & certification needs. We will work with you, as needed, to ensure that your implementation of our source code libraries will pass all industry related certification and conformance testing.

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Benefits of Using Our IEC 61850 Library

The Most Complete IEC 61850 Stack

  • Edition 2 and Edition 2.1 features including Tracking, Mixed Edition Systems, IEC 62351 Security
  • Support Edition 1, Edition 2, and Edition 2.1 with a single library implementation based on SCL file
  • Training Videos, Design Review, and Example Code Included

A Proven Solution

  • Our IEC 61850 Stack has been implemented in hundreds of customer applications around the world
  • Customer applications have been highly successful in interoperability testing

More Efficient Code

  • Our Library was designed from the ground up to operate efficiently in small embedded systems
  • Advanced parsing technology (derived from computer science compiler techniques) which is much more efficient and compact
  • Our code has no run-time memory allocation and allows better task scheduling

High Performance

  • Efficient code has performance benefits for small or large systems, for both Servers and Clients

  • Significant performance advantages can be measured in both throughput and processor utilization
  • Our stack can operate in real-time environments
  • Client applications can scale to accommodate hundreds of server connections

Faster Development & Integration

  • Reduce development effort and free up resources to work on proprietary aspects of your products
  • Spend less time keeping track of work by IEC 61850 Technical Committees with our regular library releases that include the latest updates to the standard
  • Servers can be built in weeks, rather than months with our unique approach to integrating application data with IEC 61850

Full support of Substation Configuration Language (SCL)

  • Full boot-time configuration of data models
  • Integration directly from SCL files
  • Free license for SCL Navigator tool for creating and editing SCL

Dedicated Support

  • The success of our Source Code Library customers is our priority
  • Support includes access to engineers who develop the libraries and participate on the IEC 61850 Technical Committees
  • First year of the Maintenance and Enhancement plan is included with license
  • Object Model Consultation and Design Review of your completed implementation

Flexible Licensing Options

  • Two licensing options are available:
  • Per Product License - this option is a fixed price for each end-product with no royalty fees (the majority of our customers find this option best for their needs)
  • Royalty Based License - this option has royalty fees based on the number of units sold (a good option for customers with several low volume products)
  • First year of the Maintenance and Enhancement plan is included with either license option



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