SCADA Data Gateway

Key Features

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  • Multiple Views
  • Enhanced protocol and status logging
  • Point mapping integrated into point list
  • Special views for errors, warnings and performance
  • Support for searching and filters
  • Support for paging with large point lists

Web-based Configuration
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User access management

  • Restricts User Account capabilities with Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Automatic logoff timeouts
  • Feature can be enabled/disabled

User Access Management
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Audit Logging 

  • Audit Logging to track users' actions
  • Support for searching and exporting of logs
  • Additional audits coming soon

Audit Logging
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Configuration Workspace

  • Consolidates application configuration files into a single directory (i.e. Workspace)
  •  A Workspace can be selected form the System configuration page
  • Allows for a more flexible management of multiple configurations

Workspace Support for Different Sets of Configuration Files
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Protocol/System logging

  • Logs protocol specific communications
  • Logs system diagnostic information
  • Allows filtering and searching
  • Can be exported to a file
  • Always logs Errors and Exceptions to disk with size management

Protocol/System Logging with Filters
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Drag and Drop point mapping

  • Map multiple data points in one action
  • Makes it easy to specify point mappings between protocols
  • Support for SDO to MDO and MDO to MDO mapping

Drag and Drop Mapping
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Special Views

  • Provides a concise place to see performance metrics, warnings, errors and overall system health
  • Supports reset to clear/acknowledge certain errors

Special Views
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Point mapping display

  • Integrated into the point list
  • Tooltip to support additional information
  • Shows mapping of all point relationships

Improved Point Mapping Displays
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Point List

  • Paging
  • Filtering
  • Searching
  • Sorting

Search and Filter Point List from Web Interface
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