DNP3 Secure Authentication Training

This page provides free training videos for DNP3 Secure Authentication. 

The training consists of an introduction, followed by a series of videos tailored to different levels of learning, with each video building on the material in the previous lessons. Click on each level in the table below to open a window that shows the training video for that level. While the window is open, you may select the next (or previous) video in the list by hovering over it and clicking the right (or left) arrow. For best viewing, please ensure that your browser window is at least 960x720 in order to allow the videos to open full size and eliminate distortion.

1. Introduction  0:49
2. Introductory Level  17:45
3. Intermediate Level
4. Expert Level  13:15


Lead technical content creator:

Grant Gilchrist, Enernex

DNP3 Technical Committee Reviewers:

Eric Thibodeau, Gentec
Steve McCoy, Triangle MicroWorks
Joel Greene, Triangle MicroWorks

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