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New GOOSE Testing Capabilities in IEC 61850 Test Suite

by Joe Stevens | Feb 15, 2017
GOOSE testing presents unique challenges because GOOSE is not like TCP/IP based protocols. To provide fast peer-to-peer communications between IEDs, GOOSE uses layer 2 multi-cast messaging. To ensure that critical protection functions are reliable, GOOSE messages are repeated rapidly to ensure that critical protection functions are reliable. 

To properly test and debug GOOSE messages in a substation, you must interpret both the repeated messages and change event messages in the context of IEC 61850 data modeling. Wireshark® can show you these messages, but it is time consuming to sort through messages from multiple GOOSE publishers. Header information from multiple publishers is difficult to compare to the SCL file configuration and manually checking things like Time Allowed To Live timeouts is not easy. The IEC 61850 Test Suite can provide a complete picture of all the GOOSE messages in a substation and interpret the messages based on the configuration from an SCL file. 

To verify repeated messages, the GOOSE Subscriber tool subscribes to all the GOOSE publishers (IEDs) in an SCL File and shows the status (active, timeout, unsubscribed). To view GOOSE change events, the GOOSE Message Viewer creates a time-stamped log of all GOOSE events with data set values and header values. To verify that GOOSE publishers are configured properly, the GOOSE Tracker tool sniffs GOOSE messages on the network and identifies which messages are expected, which are missing, and which messages are rogue based on the SCL File configuration. To verify GOOSE configuration, the SCL Verify tool examines all the GOOSE control blocks, data sets, external references, and communication configurations in the SCL file and checks that the configuration is consistent, fully resolved, and follows the IEC 61850 standard. 

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