Configure the SCL Verify Tool

SCL Verify Configuration allows you to customize the severity of an error, the file extensions that this error applies to and the edition of the specification this error will be applied to.

Changing the Configuration File

To change the Configuration file:

  1. Go to the SCL Verify tool
  2. Select the "Choose a Configuration Source" tab at the top of the ribbon bar
  3. You can select a new Configuration Source from the dropdown
  4. Or click "SCL Verify Configuration" to change the settings or create a new configuration

Edit or Create a Configuration

The configuration settings allow you change:

  • Change the severity each test is assigned by changing the column "Severity"
  • Set which tests should be skipped based on the SCL file extension by changing the column "File Extensions to Mask Out"
  • Decide which editions this test will apply to by changing the column "Apply to Edition and Above"

Note: Configurations are saved locally on the PC. They are not part of a workspace, so that they are available to be used from any workspace or any Triangle Tool that runs SCL Verify

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