Compare SCL Files to IED Models

The Compare Model tool compares the IEC 61850 object model from an SCL file to the object model from an IED. This is done one IED at a time.

Start the Tool

1) Select the Compare Model tool

2) Select which IED to compare

The tool then starts the comparison. First, it discovers the object model from the IED and then it compares the IED to the local object model from the SCL file in the current workspace.

Compare Results

The left hand side has the combined object model shown as a tree.

  • Green indicates no differences were found between the SCL file and the IED
  • Orange indicates that one or more children were found to be different
  • Red indicates the item with the difference

The right hand pane shows the details of the difference found. Selecting any level on the left will show all the childrens differences on the right.

The general algorithm compares all item available from discovery. This includes structure, names, types and sizes, members of datasets, etc.

For value comparison Control Block values and “CF, EX, SG,SP, and DC” functional constraints are compared for values matching.