Find Data Available in Reports

Use the filters in the Data Miner to find data that is available through reports from IEDs.

  1. Go to the Data Miner tool
  2. Click on the "Reported" filter. This filters all the data objects in the substation to show data that is available from report control blocks. It also groups the data by IED name.
  3. You can further filter the reported data by other columns like LN Class, Common Data Class, or LN Prefix.
  4. After you find the data you need, then you can enable the reports to receive updates

Creating New Filters

You can create your own filters in the Data Miner:

  1. Set your filter and group settings for the columns (learn more here)
  2. Select "Save as"
  3. Name your filter and click save

Note: the filters in the Data Miner are available from any workspace because they are saved globally (not saved in individual workspaces).

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