Enable and Disable Reports

In the Advanced Client, reports can be enabled in several ways:

  • The ribbon bar at the top will show report enable/disable buttons
  • A right click on a report control block will show a context menu

Report Commands


This will cause the client to read the current configuration of the Report Control Block from the IED server.


For buffered Report Control Blocks, this will perform a resynch between the client and IED server. Before the report is enabled, the client will write the EntryID value for the last report that the client received from the IED server. This will cause the IED server to send all reports after the last received EntryID (if the buffer has not wrapped). If the buffer has wrapped, the IED server will send an error.

Note: EntryID is an optional field for Report Control Blocks. Therefore, the resynch feature is not available in cases where it is not supported.

Enabled (Raw)

This sets RptEna to true and writes the value to the IED server.

Note: RptEna cannot be edited directly in the value column so that the GUI can more easily track it.

Purge and Enable

For buffered reports, this first purges the report buffer on the IED and then enables the reportcontrol block.


For buffered reports, this purges the report buffer on the IED.

Send GI

This sends the GI (general interrogation) command to the IED server and a report is sent by the IED with all current values for dataset members.

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