Overview of Tools

System Status – Monitors the status and connection to the server by periodically attempting to make a connection when there is not one readily available. - learn more

Compare Model – As soon as the connection to the server is available, the SCL model is compared to that of the discovered server model to find if there are any mismatches. This can also be run manually. - learn more

GOOSE Tracker – GOOSE Tracker is started when the workspace is loaded and reports any errors or warnings found in GOOSE Streams - learn more

LGOS - LGOS information is periodically collected from the server and reports any issues. LGOS data collection by read is also automatically started on workspace load. - learn more

Mod/Beh/Sim - Mod/Beh/Sim information from the server is collected report any issues on workspace load. - learn more

SCL Verify – Verifies SCL files by checking for inconsistencies in the file, comparing the file to the standard, and attempting to resolve the data model from the file. - learn more

Data Miner – Helps find data from multiple IEDs across a substation with powerful filtering and grouping. - learn more

Advanced Client – The advanced client allows detailed communications testing of one IED at a time - learn more

Log Services – Tests the Log Services functionality of one IED at a time - learn more

File Services – Tests the Files Services functionality of one IED at a time - learn more

GOOSE Publisher – Publishes individual GOOSE control blocks in order to test and troubleshoot IEDs that subscribe to GOOSE - learn more

SAV Tracker – Sniffs the network for Sampled Values messages and compares the result to the SCL file to find potential issues and checks the validity of the messages - learn more

IED Simulator – Simulates an IEC 61850 server based on any SCL file or a discovered model from an IED with added functionality to aid in testing client implementations. - learn more