DistribuTECH 2013 Booth Demo

Take a virtual visit of our booth at the DistribuTECH 2013 Conference and Exposition. Click the links below to view the demos from this show.

Click on each topic in the table below to open a window that shows the demo for that topic. While the window is open, you may select the next (or previous) video in the list by hovering over it and clicking the right (or left) arrow. For best viewing, please ensure that your browser window is at least 960x540 in order to allow the videos to open full size and eliminate distortion.

Part 1 - Overview  4:11
2. Using Hammer to Capture States
Easily create Anvil Simulation files using Hammer. The simulation files are simple CSV files, and can be created by hand or from other data. However, Hammer makes it extremely easy to capture states from real-world devices to create these simulation files.
2. Using Hammer to Capture States  4:23
3. Using Anvil to Simulate Servers
This video shows how Anvil can use CSV files to simulate real-world devices.
3. Using Anvil to Simulate IEC 61850Servers  6:44
4. SCADA Data Gateway, Test Harness, and Conclusion
In this demo, the SCADA Data Gateway translates IEC 61850 data to DNP3 and sends it to a Master SCADA station (simulated by the Communication Protocol Test Harness).
4. SCADA Data Gateway, Test Harness, and Conclusion 6:38



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