Product Feature Videos

Triangle MicroWorks Product Overview

    Topics include:
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Add Industry Standard Communication Protocol Support to Your Device
  • Integrate Industry Standard Communication Protocols into a Project
  • Test, Troubleshoot, and Configure Devices
  • Learn About Industry Standard Communication Protocols
  • Conclusion
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Triangle MicroWorks Tools in the IEC 61850 Engineering Process

Topics include:
  • Creating & Validating SCL Files
  • Concept Phase
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
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IEC 61850 Engineering Process Overview

61850 Test Suite Pro

  Product Features:
  • Data Miner
  • Workspaces
  • Custom Display
  • Example Servers
  • GOOSE Event Viewer
  • Reports Viewer
Topics include:
  • How to get started with the example servers
  • How to open the example workspace
  • How to find data
  • How to use the custom display
  • How to view data from GOOSE and Reports
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61850 Test Suite Pro Intro Video

Distributed Test Manager (DTM)

  Included Videos:
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DTM How To

Using DNP3 in the Distributed Test Manager

  Product Features:
  • Simulate multiple DNP3 Outstations
  • Simulate DNP3 Master Stations
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Integrate with InSight for Visual Displays
  • Simulate Data Changes
Topics include:
  • Introduction
  • Configuring Multiple Outstations
  • Create Multiple Masters
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Configure DNP3 Commands (in Masters)
  • Insight Integration
  • Creating Data Changes
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Using DNP3 in DTM

Communication Protocol Test Harness Overview

  Product Features:
  • Simulate Master and/or Outstation Devices
  • Monitor Communications
  • Perform Custom Functional Tests
  • Perform Protocol Conformance Tests
Topics include:
  • Custom Functional Tests
  • Monitor Communications
  • Conformance Testing
  • Viewing Data
  • Front Panel Simulators
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TH Overview

SCADA Data Gateway

  Product Features:
  • OPC Driver
  • Protocol Translator
  • Data Concentrator
Topics include:
  • SCADA Data Gateway Overview
  • Configuring Master Components
  • Configuring OPC DA Client
  • Configuring Outstation Components
  • Mappping Data
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Conclusion
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