Hammer is a Windows™ application that creates a compliant IEC 61850 Client with the ability to connect to and test any IEC61850 Server via an SCL file or browsing. Hammer exercies Read, Write, GOOSE, Sampled Values, Reporting, Logging, Controls, Dynamic DataSets, and File Services both manually and through scripts.   Hammer can also compare the configuration obtained from browsing a Server to any SCL file. 

GOOSE Testing Capabilities

Comprehensive GOOSE Testing  

GOOSE Subscriber - subscribe to any or even all the GOOSE Control Blocks in any SCL File and see the current status (active, timeout, unsubscribed) for each GOOSE subscription

GOOSE Subscriber

GOOSE Messages Viewer - create a log of all the GOOSE events for each subscription including Data Set values and all header values

GOOSE Message Viewer

GOOSE Tracker - sniff for any GOOSE messages on the network. GOOSE found on the wire are compared to any SCL File to show which messages are expected and which are rogue.

GOOSE Tracker

SCL Verify - verify that the GOOSE Control Blocks, Data Sets, External References, and Communication configuration is valid for any SCL File

SCL Verify for GOOSE

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