Simulate an IED

An IED simulator is built into 61850 Test Suite Pro to make it easy to simulate any IED based on either an SCL file (.SCD, .CID, .ICD, etc.) or based on a discovered data model that has been read from a real IED.


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IEC 61850 Services

The IED Simulator simulates an IEC 61850 server based on the configuration from an SCL file or by discovering an IED data model. Supported services include reporting, logging, GOOSE, tracking services, dynamic datasets, controls, and file transfer.



Generate Data Changes for GOOSE or Reports

Data objects in the simulated IED server can be changed either manually, periodically, or through a custom script. The data changes can trigger reports, logs, or GOOSE to be generated by the simulated IED.

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Scripting Capabilities

A JavaScript engine is built into 61850 Test Suite Pro to provide a scripting environment for automating tests or to mimic IED logical behavior.

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Learn More about the IED Simulator

Go to the 61850 Test Suite Pro online help to learn more about simulating an IED.

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