Modbus Source Code Libraries

Modbus is an application layer messaging protocol, positioned at level 7 of the OSI model that provides client/server communication between devices connected on different types of buses or networks. Modbus is a request/reply protocol and offers services specified by function codes. Modbus function codes are elements of Modbus request/reply PDUs.

Triangle MicroWorks’ Software Libraries provide a cost-effective means of supporting industry-standard protocols in your device. Incorporating our royalty-free Software Libraries in your products will shorten development time, freeing internal resources to work on company proprietary aspects of your products.

Triangle MicroWorks Software Libraries are available in two formats: .NET Protocol Components for incorporation in Windows .NET-based products, and ANSI-Standard C Source Code Libraries for all other platforms.


What's New

Current Release: v3.21
Release Date:  Feb 2017

Newest Features in this Release

  • Allow compile time choice of using either standard or Microsoft “safe” string functions that include the length of the buffer to be written to (ie strcpy or strcpy_s)
  • Added more checking to discard improperly formatted messages
  • Additional fixes to address customer requests

Key Additions to Recent Releases

v3.16 - Corrected GNU-Wall compiler warnings
v3.09 - Modifications to conform to new Modbus certification tests.
v3.07 - Added sample Linux and Windows target implementation.
v3.01.01 - Added ability to keep time on a per-session basis.
v3.00.35 - Added memory alignment support.
v3.00.32 - Added support for multiple threads.
v3.00.25 - Added ability for Master to queue commands.

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