IEC 60870-5 Source Code Libraries

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Outstation Library Features

  • Interoperability is maximized by making it easy to attach virtually all possible interoperability configuration settings to run-time variables or function calls.
  • Supplies data to an unlimited number of host devices through an unlimited number of communication ports.
  • Supports Multiple Application Layer ASDU addresses (sectors). This virtual device capability can supply unique database profiles, or database profiles with common components, to host stations.
  • Database manager maps randomly organized Target Application data points (binaries, controls, integers,floats, etc.) into IEC 60870-5-101 ASDU type information objects.
  • Example Database Interface implementations are provided for testing, illustration, and as templates to be used for developing final Database Interface.
  • Fully supports ASDU types with CP24Time2a (24-bit time tag), including proper handling of clock synchronization commands, and through spontaneous clock synchronization responses upon hourly rollover.
  • Includes support for ASDU types with CP56Time2a (56-bit time tag). These include ASDU types 30 through 40 defined by the approved “Addendum to IEC 60870-5-101 Concerning the Extension of Time Tags.”
  • Spontaneous response data can be automatically generated by configurable scans of Target Application data.

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