IEC 60870-6 (TASE.2/ICCP)

Our IEC 60870-6 (TASE.2/ICCP) Source Code Library provides a quick and cost effective way to implement a Client, Server, or Bi-Directional TASE.2/ICCP device or application.  The library was designed from the ground up to fully support IEC 60870-6 services and efficiently use resources.  We offer our Library with .NET Components and in C++ for maximum flexibility across many different applications.  
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What's New

Current Release: v4.3.1
Release Date:  Feb 2018

Newest Features in this Release

  • Added WriteNodeAlternateAccess API on Tase2Client for writing nodes as alternate access
  • Added ReadNodeAlternateAccess API on Tase2Client for reading nodes as alternate access

Key Additions to Recent Releases

  • Added SBOSelectTimeout to the API for server side support
  • Added 64 bit support
  • Enhanced seven layer stack support
  • Added 3 new extended types: DiscreteQTimeTagExtended, RealQTimeTagExtended, StateQTimeTagExtended
  • Enhanced the connect/disconnect code to be more robust when connections are lost
  • Added n SSL Method to strong security configuration
  • Added ability in server to keep track of multiple connections in bidirectional mode

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