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Multi-Protocol Substation Demo at DistribuTECH 2015

by Joe Stevens | Apr 09, 2015
Triangle MicroWorks had a very interesting multi-protocol substation demonstration at DistribuTECH this year. For those who were unable to see the demo in person, you can watch a video of the demo on our website.
DistribuTECH 2015

Our demonstration highlighted many capabilities of both our tools and the protocols we support:
  • Simulation of IEC 61850 substation configured with SCD file
  • Mixing real and simulated devices in a system test
  • Breaker Failure test scenario using GOOSE messaging
  • Configuration of GOOSE subscriptions with External References
  • GOOSE status monitoring with LGOS
  • DNP3 Secure Authentication connection with Key Management
  • Secure TASE.2/ICCP connection
  • Protocol translation from IEC 61850 to DNP3 and TASE.2/ICCP
  • Verification of gateway mapping
  • Custom display for monitoring a test

Download this overview diagram to learn more about the demonstration.
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