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DNP3 Tutorial Offered at IEEE Substations Committee Annual Meeting

by Joe Stevens | Apr 02, 2015
The DNP Users Group will be presenting a full-day tutorial on IEEE 1815 (DNP3) and IEEE P1815.1 (DNP3 to IEC 61850 mapping) on Sunday, May 17 at the IEEE PES Substations Committee meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • DNP3 Overview and History
  • Basic Implementation - Important DNP3 Settings
  • DNP3 Deployment Issues and Lessons Learned
  • Using the Device Profile document
  • General Interoperability Requirements
  • Testing Considerations
  • Specifying Equipment for DNP3
  • Advanced DNP3 Features
  • Practical Cyber Security for DNP3
  • Secure Authentication tutorial
  • Results of the Secure Authentication Demonstration Project with EPRI
  • New DNP Profiles
  • Mapping to IEC 61850
  • Recent enhancements and DNP Technical Committee Activities
  • Case Studies for SA and DA
IEEE PES Substations

For an introduction to DNP3, you can watch these free videos on our website:

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